Wednesday Leftovers (1)

Many people carry around two certainties: that you cannot know what it is like to be them, but that they know what it is like to be you. The fact that there are rather obvious logical difficulties with this position in no way dissuades people from holding it. The intensity of our reactions to things … Continue reading "Wednesday Leftovers (1)"

Poem Written Age 12 (1)

Love is the worst – Everyone agrees – But then we all want to have it – Even though it’s horrible – Let’s go get some ice cream

What All We Do

If I wait to take my medicine, I can write a lot of poems before I start having seizures. I have about another hour before things start to get really bad, so I’m taking advantage of it for now. I was trying to post 48 new pieces in 24 hours; I couldn’t tell you why. … Continue reading "What All We Do"

Her Ride

The things she tries to hide.

Lessons from A Breakup…

I occasionally write regular blog essays over at my other blog. Today’s topic – lessons learned from a breakup. Even though it took, like, three decades to learn them. The essay can be found here.