Trees, those friends and lovers, stand   apart, and maybe branches touch;   they grow each on their own, and do   not think of others overmuch, I wish for them good health, and sun,   and rain, and where not rain, some dew;   the same way that I wish for all   that … Continue reading "Trees"


I occasionally get asked to post me playing the piano: attached is a performance from earlier today of a Scherzo by Edvard Grieg. The sound quality is … an iPad set on record. But it gets the idea across.

then he laid down

he tried, but there’s an end to every game, and while days seem the same, from inside, there is one that’s not like other days   he lacked, and knew he’d always ever lack, he didn’t have the knack, for inside, he found one who was turned side-aways   for help, he couldn’t reach; for … Continue reading "then he laid down"

My First and Longtime Love

always bringing joy, and comfort – and still here, always (The below is a clip of me playing the last movement of a Haydn piano sonata, mistakes and all. – Owen)

Swans of Fire / Riding

I thought mountains and swans of fire were swallowing the world. The ocean roiled, the spray splattered, and the rain came in sideways. I ran drenched, no hand one holding, back to a car that smelled like a wet rug. I backed the old Ford out to the highway, turning the feebly lit dial, until I … Continue reading "Swans of Fire / Riding"


He seeks to balm his past...