Reader’s Digestive

Eating and Reading

About a hundred years ago
I read a quote by Cicero
That we have everything we need
With food to eat and books to read

I think that Roman man was right –
On a great truth he did alight –
For truly, how can life be beat
With books to read and food to eat?

Self-Justifying Lexicon

Looking It Up

I see so many “fighters”
Who’re really just sadistic,
I talk to some depressives
Who claim they’re “realistic”

I’ve met some “spiritual” people
Who are strangely possessive;
And I know many whiners
Who tell me they’re “progressive”

To want to choose how we are viewed
Is what this all betrays:
It’s strange the words we people use
To justify our ways

After the Accident


The hum of the machine I hear
I feel another presence near
Or maybe two, I cannot tell
I cannot seem to see

I wonder where I am, and how
I came to be where I am now –
I know that I don’t feel too well,
And something’s wrong with me

Who is that crying? She’s so sad.
I once heard my wife cry that bad –
This crying sounds like she did then
But I just do not know

It’s dark in here, I feel a breeze
I hear somebody’s labored wheeze
But I can’t rouse myself again
I think it’s time to go

Malady, M’Lady?

steen, jan sick woman 1665

Methinks thou hast a malady
For thou art loth to baffle me:
The litany of thy complaints
Would vex the patience of the saints.

For thou, thou bitcheth, hard and long;
Thy cavils issueth quite strong;
And all thou sayest,  far or near
Would try the wiles of  Shakespeare