That One Night

Couple after the rain

Funny thing about that night –
I had known her for so long
But somehow I’d never noticed
Just how wonderful she was

But then – everything was right;
We both felt a pull so strong –
A chance that was once remotest,
Now? More probable than cause

And that night we came together
Sunk back down then came again;
Twisting in the night like ivy
Tangled up like fishing wire

But we came and went like weather
Never got back what had been;
We had acted too unwisely
And been burned by one night’s fire

A Project We Worked On


Way back in the 80’s
I worked for D.O.D.,
And daily witnessed something
I no way could foresee

Would one day be all over.
I bet you’ll never guess:
 We worked on what would one day be
Known as the “G.P.S.”

Global – well, because it is,
Positioning – what it does;
Satellite – kind of makes it work
That’s all it is or was.

Just one project of many
Can’t say much more about it:
Here’s to the mighty G.P.S –
We’d all be lost without it

Social Climbing Advice

Exclusive Club

Nullify nothing, don’t be cross
Dress up ideas in a little black dross
Sing about lies and lie about songs
Belt out a tune about long-running wrongs

Preach at the corner of Honey and Ham
Bring it all home with a nice diagram
Then sign a contract to write a long tome
On how you escaped from your middle-class home

Nullify nothing, don’t be a fool
Hammer or nail, you are still just a tool
Remain with us cool folks up here, for Pete’s sake;
We will ensure that your conscience won’t wake

Dementia Monologue


the brain gets  t w i s t e d
a n d                   y o u
can't                    find
y  o  u r             w  a  y

what was i saying?  the brain          
     Did I ever tell you
gets twisted and you can't find        
     about when we stole
your way out because you're angry      
     that old '57 Dodge from
     Clint Smith's dad?
frustrated with everything that keeps  
     He owned the Dodge
     dealership and we
I feel like I've outlived              
     thought that
My usefulness
I feel like
I feel like just
I don't believe in ending your own
I feel like just

What's... what was I saying?


His New Skepticism

Skeptic's Cube He was taught not to believe in things he couldn’t see or touch
Things that had a history of being used to justify atrocities

He was shown that it was not wise to fall prey to peer pressure
And accept unproven nonsense as sacred dogma

Could he really any longer believe in some abstract entity
That was supposed to control his fate,
And that removed him from all responsibility for his own actions?

He didn’t think so —

So, it was with great ceremony
That he announced today
That he would no longer believe

In “Society”