How Smart I Used To Be

Graduating Class

I used to be quite a bit smarter
I feel it whenever I’m stressed
For seizures have mangled some brain cells
And old age has taken the rest

I think I was once a Rhodes Scholar
And I won a Nobel one Fall –
I’m pretty sure I was once smarter
But now I just cannot recall

Popper’s Guide to Con-Men

Karl Popper
Karl Popper.

Popper’s Guide to Con-Men is
Still valuable today:
For people like to play with truth
In what they do and say

If something can’t be verified
By some method explicit,
You’re better off to mistrust it
Or out-and-out dismiss it

Old Year Owen


Think of all the reasons
People congregate on New Years Eve

To be where the crowds are
Where the action is
To cut completely loose

To drink to excess
To dance with abandon
To celebrate in full voice
With all those people

To be immersed in your fellow-humanity
To be anonymous
To rejoice in the passing of another year

If you can relate to wanting these things

You are my polar opposite