Intergalactic Scandal


The Milky Way’s gone trailer park
Our galaxy’s low-rent
Just in case you’re wondering
Where all the sane folks went

A bunch who used to live here
Moved into M-81
And others went for Barnard’s
Thinking that place would be fun

But meanwhile, they’ve let people in
Whom I cannot explain
Who put mayo on hot dogs
And no doubt will do again

Breaking Stereotypes: Believers


I belive that I believe – and more: that you do too –
But don’t think we believe the same,
Nor that we’re likely to.

I feel not need nor right to say how you should think or live:
But still observe we all believe
That is our perspective



We’ve had a contest going on here
Nigh on forty years
As who can have the wedding most expensive
And people who the outside world
Might think have modest means
Appear to have a wealth rather extensive

Judging from the accouterments
Their nuptials entail
Their wealthiness is a matter of course
But if a marriage is about
Fooling the outside world
Better to save some for the quick divorce

Why The Big Arguments Never Get Settled

Abandoned railroad

Philosophies of what’s believed
Justify the preconceived
And are not about truth or test
But which group we might like the best

True, logic’s great, sans blemishes
But only works by premises
We argue passion, mind and heart
But always end up where we start