He made time for his children (and extra time) but found other fathers better loved who were never there at all. So he saw that time is indeed like money: the more of it that's printed, the more devalued it becomes.

Beyond Compare

I don’t engage in fallacies Or fail to say what’s true; I’m not some slavish partisan I’m not at ALL like you. I’m not a man of certainty I’m not one to condemn; I do not judge, so can’t be judged I’m not at ALL like them. When I’m at home, the curtains down, This … Continue reading "Beyond Compare"

Miss Andrist

Miss Andrist isn’t famous, You rarely hear her name: She’s an accomplished general In the general field of blame. And there Miss Andrist goes to fight A war between the states; She goes to kill the infidel While its herself she hates.

Cinema of Play

This began when we began And many times we came To sit here in the cool, cool dark And light our secret flame I loved you with adventure With action and romance And in this very place we sat Whenever we’d the chance. This place is boarded up now, Maybe they’ll renovate: Like you and … Continue reading "Cinema of Play"

If You Don’t Know, I Can’t Explain It

He asked me why someone like me Would waste my time on poetry When anything I had to say I could just say the normal way As blind men cannot see the light As ostriches cannot take flight So the prosaic cannot know Why you or me is wired so.

Tristis Veritatem

And once again, we come to see The fount of human tragedy — The pride that makes us want to be The gods of our society.


Hang around here in the blogosphere And you’ll notice a thing, or two — Like you can discuss almost anything ‘Cause here, nothing’s really taboo. You can write in detail about that one bad habit Or write about sex more than rabbits can have it. Politics, faith and your first ovulation; An interesting blog would … Continue reading "Observationalia"

A Soul, Lost

Baby Dependent, powerless Reaching, grasping, hungering Satisfied in love’s embrace Child Changing Powerful, animate Reaching, grasping,┬ásearching Unhappy alone or accompanied Growing Conqueror Dominant, willful Reaching, grasping, controlling Fleeting joys of victory Winner Soulless Friendless, valueless Reaching, grasping, stealing Slowly fading, ever fading Hollow