Breaking Stereotypes: Philosophy

Why Read about Metaphysical Things; things hard to understand? What is there to be gathered? Only knowledge of Our limits; Us.

Why The Big Arguments Never Get Settled

Philosophies of what’s believed Justify the preconceived And are not about truth or test But which group we might like the best True, logic’s great, sans blemishes But only works by premises We argue passion, mind and heart But always end up where we start

Breaking Stereotypes: Men and Commitment

I think it is herein worthwhile To say: I’m a commitmentphile Commitmentphobes get all the press Especially, when male But some of us, I can affirm Don’t mind committing longer-term And find in limits, nonetheless Economies of scale

A Brief Encounter

A woman asked me if I was in pain I told her that I was, and she was kind To stop and help a stranger in the street Someone she’d probably never see again She walked me to my car and I got in I thanked her and said I would be okay I took … Continue reading "A Brief Encounter"

Blogging In The Age of Hubris

If you think that smart people All agree politically Might be you’ve not read enough About human history Limits to what’s right and free Seem rather complex, to me Or, it might just be, no doubt You’ve got all that figured out

I’m… A Caffiend

Let me tell you what I think Something for you all to ponder That costs you no dinero If we all are what we drink Then I am not just a monster But an absolute zero


Choices we make everyday Lead or lose us from our way We learn as we go along Or we go forever wrong Read the map of discipline Your way is contained within Use the current off-road mess To get back to happiness Discipline’s a fright’ning term But I can herein affirm When we know to … Continue reading "Discipline"

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects #3 – Penny Press

Maybe they’re the same as Dell I do not know, I cannot tell But both, or one, or either make These puzzle books my will to break I can fool with one for hours As it saps my poor mental powers And so it is with humbleness That I salute you, Penny Press