Single Thought #18 – Classified Humanity

The foundational step.

When I hear

The individual is not what matters

It is the group (or “system”) they belong to

I believe I recognize

The foundational step

Of every truly great evil

The world has ever known

No Photo Included

… It’s like raging against a storm…

I now you’re stressed
There’s been the tension of moving
Our oldest daughter getting married soon
And you keeping our sixteen month old grandson every day

I know that
There’s not much left
For you to give

But I miss the feeling of being wanted
Feeling admired and desired
So I fantasize

I fantasize about you

I never knew why you loved me so intensely
And I know I’ve never deserved it

But I still miss it




Raging against a storm
The storm will go on, it has nothing to do with me

And I’ll shuffle around this new house
Putter around on my computer
And be up early again tomorrow
To go to work

And you and I will continue to give ourselves away

To everyone but each other

Isn’t It Fun?

Isn’t it?

Abandoned House

Isn’t it fun to laugh and joke
About the pain of others?
Isn’t it great to shove aside
Our sisters and our brothers?

Isn’t it just the cutest thing
To hate someone – and show it?
Isn’t it just so human to
Be cruel, but never know it?

My Midlife Crisis

… has been a little out of the ordinary, perhaps.

Red Convertible

Calling it a “mid-life crisis” is presumptuous, since
We don’t how long we’re going to live.

Nevertheless, I started mine early:
When I was roughly twenty-eight.

I got the obligatory red sports car, and
I wore sunglasses all the time.

I hooked up with a much younger woman, and
Was with her long enough to get divorced

And to have a child, who has
Paid the price ever since.

So, in actual mid-life, the crisis is
Dealing with the aftereffects

Of the mid-life crisis
I had prematurely

Explaining Debt-to-Equity Ratios

Kind of an important topic.


I don’t want to talk about that,
That’s what Investopedia’s for.
Instead, let’s go down to the park
And sit and talk. Then talk some more.

For I’d like to invest in you –
My time, my focus – for a spell;
And maybe, you’ll decide that you
Are interested in me, as well.

But you won’t owe me anything,
For there is nothing to repay.
When we invest, we sometimes lose:
And that is life. But that’s okay.

So Good-Looking

It’s a curse, it really is.


I am just so good-looking that
I cannot share my picture here;
For women by the hundreds would
Harass and stalk me then, I fear

This a curse quite recent, so
I haven’t felt the backlash yet;
I’ve only been this handsome┬ásince
I’m hidden on the Internet