Ode to Ikea

In Sweden it gets very dark Along with freezing weather; So lots of time they have time to put Their furniture together. They send it out in boxes Which come promptly to your door So you can then assemble it In sixteen days or more. Their stuff is good – it’s very good – But … Continue reading "Ode to Ikea"

Morning, Noon and Night

Morning, she is soothing Tranquility and grace Doe’s eyes with a pensive gaze Quiet voice and sudden smile Keen mind in pursuit of solitude Tired, intelligent and placid Noon, she is curious Active and bright Absorbed in detail, but lost in reality Ambitious and Honest Competitive and Loving Upright, smart and soft Night, she is … Continue reading "Morning, Noon and Night"


PIETY Noun Holiness One of two virtues That people do not have If they think they have it

A Moiety of Mind

I have a moiety of mind To leave the foetid past behind; And drink Massandra by the sea, A nelipot in rhapsody. For constant stress leaves me purblind, Mendacity I daily find, And rue the wretched panoply Of human bellicosity.


Mercy – HIlary Hahn and Cory Smythe¬†<<<— Link … Just an excerpt from a hauntingly beautiful piece of music …


[This poem expresses my deepest, somewhat conflicted, feelings about a subject of some importance. Thanks for reading.]


nights when they are crying you do all you can to comfort them and when heartbreak comes in teenage years your heart breaks, too you pour out every lesson you’ve ever learned share every enthusiasm you know and shape your very existence around attempts to bring them joy teach them right from wrong give them … Continue reading "parenting"

Poem from Old Lecture Notes

There are two types of knowledge One Seeks to use techn√© (or technology or magic) To dominate our surroundings, Including both nature and Other human beings The other Seeks to use logos (or reason or the principle of order) To understand our surroundings Including ourselves, nature, and others The second of these might be called … Continue reading "Poem from Old Lecture Notes"


Like so many things: if you want to know how much you need it, go without it. The body and spirit, two receptors — waiting always for emanations, freezing, lifeless, without them. The cold can be bracing, filling our lungs (as when we breathe the air of solitude) but only when relieved by the warmth … Continue reading "Heat"