Am I Using These Right?

I work for bear I had a problem with battles between my various teaching staffs So, to solve this problem All my faculties were brought to bear I went to plow a field It had a giant, immovable clock in it I needed to plow, so I worked around the clock My horse was injured … Continue reading "Am I Using These Right?"

Travel Poems: The Best

The guy at the bar behind me Says that he’s the best The youngish gal he’s sitting with Just doesn’t seem impressed Still he persists, and she might think Before the night is through He may not be the best, but he’s The best that she can do

Out of Fashion

OUT OF FASHION We laugh at what is out-of-date And say, “Ridiculous!” – Partly from horror, knowing that One day, that will be us.

So She Kept Walking

As drops fell lightly down at first And gradually the sky turned black While clouds threatened to do their worst There was no thought of turning back — So she kept walking The roads and houses now were strange Potholes and mud along the way Bewilderment from constant change As night replaced the waning day … Continue reading "So She Kept Walking"

Today’s the Big Day

TODAY’S THE BIG DAY We celebrate your birthday As we have always done; With gifts that you have asked for And going someplace fun. With lively family teasing That marks your brand new year – And it will be the same today, Except that you’re not here.

Just A Thought On A Commercial

JUST A THOUGHT ON A COMMERCIAL “Smart” – the ability to better do what we want to do “Wise” – the ability to better want what we should want We don’t need a smarter planet We need a wiser one

Dear Activist

Dear Activist, Won’t keep you long — I know you’re rather eager — So: ever think you might be wrong? Sincerely, Serv Beleaguer