Three Hours – 7 PM

YOU were the ground: so happy, shoveling the sand; so joyful, rolling in the grass -- soft and squishy, bare feet running, the smell of flowers filling your nose, and the earth itself filling your heart -- you were that ground.YOU were the water: lying on your back, arms spread wide, held by the liquid … Continue reading "Three Hours – 7 PM"

Three Hours – 3 PM

WHEN the rain goes by, the smell still hangs heavy, like an entrusted secret; sweet, like cracking voices still singing fresh where the polychrome bends YOU gave me a glimpse of your hidden heart: the clouds still passing, and the rain still falling, yet the grain still waving in your changing eyes MAGICAL, like the … Continue reading "Three Hours – 3 PM"

Three Hours – 8 AM

FEEL it now, feel it, breathe in, breathe out; The world knows your name, but not how to pronounce -- There was a day coming, it's here, it's here; And maybe there's more, now, than doubt and fear YOU gave up your heart, and you gave in to those who said, "all you will be … Continue reading "Three Hours – 8 AM"

a momentary pang

i know we couldn’t work.but, right now, i wishi could have been better, oryou could have been worse

When and Still…

When and still she hoped for better, She set out to learn and conquer; She set out, but soon was set back Wandering in fields of sorrow Happiness was just — denied her — Truths she meant to tell belied her — When and still she reached for higherShe found solace in desire

the breathing time

like all around you inhale slow and exhale slower the breathing time internalized and felt through leading past all the things let go or meant to

An Absence

I guess it’s silence that I fear, Or maybe crave, I cannot tell:These strange, familiar feelings — lost Inside this world I know so wellAnd all that once was certitude Comes crashing down in dust and din,And what a mess I’ve made of things And what an empty man I’ve beenThe fullest, widest feeling: lack. … Continue reading "An Absence"

When It Was Me

When it was me,The good around me stuck because you saw it there —The beauty in the eye that paints over the defects in the thing, itself.But these things I wish on no one: To be seen as you truly are, To see love turn its head away, Or to know what people really think … Continue reading "When It Was Me"

Grateful Doubt

Two chairsExhausted whispersWrinkled clothesThe magic is in the everydayBook to readToast for dinnerA warm showerHow many years do we get?I do not know what awaitsBut I am grateful for this moment,These momentsFor real love isUnremarkable