Three Words Day


He asked her. She said “Yes, I will”
And that day, started down a path

The doctor told her “It’s a girl”
The greatest love she’d ever have

Her husband said, “I’ve met someone”
And then he up and moved away

Her grown girl went abroad for good
“I love you,” — all that she could say

Soon jobless, went to her own mom’s,
And laid down on her childhood bed

She needed three words from her mom:

“You are worthless”
What she got



Beach Highway

Wendell, wander while you can
Where the windy highway wends
Find a road you’ve never seen, and
Follow, till your journey ends.

Wendell, why this noisome toil,
Wearing down your weary brow?

Seek no more your heart to spoil, and
Fly, while time will still allow.

Wendell, there’s no going back
What remains is still ahead;
Find the road that leads to life, for
Soon enough, you’ll join the dead.

Beyond Compare

I don’t engage in fallacies
Or fail to say what’s true;
I’m not some slavish partisan
I’m not at ALL like you.

I’m not a man of certainty
I’m not one to condemn;
I do not judge, so can’t be judged
I’m not at ALL like them.

When I’m at home, the curtains down,
This perfect man you see
Is nothing like I say I am –
I’m not at ALL like me!

Cinema of Play


This began when we began
And many times we came
To sit here in the cool, cool dark
And light our secret flame

I loved you with adventure
With action and romance
And in this very place we sat
Whenever we’d the chance.


This place is boarded up now,
Maybe they’ll renovate:
Like you and I need something
To recreate the great.

We don’t sit in the dark here,
And feel our private thrill:
And time to spend is time alone
And time’s just time to kill.


There tearing down this place today
And I don’t even know
Where you are living, or with whom
Or where you next might go.

I loved our many nights here
Our Cinema of Play
But cinemas are only dreams
Long daylight burns away.

If You Don’t Know, I Can’t Explain It


He asked me why someone like me
Would waste my time on poetry
When anything I had to say
I could just say the normal way

As blind men cannot see the light
As ostriches cannot take flight
So the prosaic cannot know
Why you or me is wired so.