Dealing With Delay


I don’t know too many people
Who inherit patient genes
For the most part, we must learn it
Through frequent delay vaccines

Learning patience in the small things
Means the big things we can face:
When we find delays are rampant
Patience is a saving grace

The Happy Bus – Do I Get On?

The Happy Bus

If I have memories of happy times

Is it a tragedy that those times are gone

Or a blessing I ever had them?

For I can choose one or the other

I can let happiness continue

Or continually mourn its loss

Ode to the World Cup

The World Cup

Association football was
Invented by some men
Determined to make sure that I
Will find no peace again

I suffer through each pass and shot
Exhausted, and used up;
Instead of what it’s called, it should
Be called the Worried Cup

But I’ll be back until the end
And each quadrennial year
Association football
Is my opiate, I fear

A Cross of Gold


His daughter wears a cross of gold
Above her heart, around her neck;
A present from her favorite aunt
That she received a few years back.

At night she reads and then she prays,
And settles down for loving rest;
His daughter, with her cross of gold
The grace he knows and loves the best.

Nocturnal Creatures

[A poem by Beleaguered Servant]

The night knows its own.


The Night Man

The night spreads out its gloomy arms
Embracing minds befogged with hate
Who linger in a shadowed world
Where sickened spirits congregate

They cannot come into the light
For to be seen is agony
The night will always welcome them
The dregs of our humanity

A Verse Review: Heroes of Burke County

Heroes of Burke County


“It is the surmounting of difficulties that makes heroes.”

– Louis Kossuth

I’m guessing not too many folks
Would see this film the way I do
But it’s my blog, these are my thoughts
And this is my dang film review

I admire those who try
To do something that others can’t
I admire those who some
Would look down on as miscreant

This film, it documents such men.
They try to entertain a crowd
And while they are not world renown
I think that they can be quite proud

That they both came and overcame.
And yes, the whole thing’s quite bizarre,
But heroes are made of such as this –
Burke County Heroes? – So they are.