Post-Frustration Meditation



Your heartbeat’s
Far too rapid


You don’t have to
Feel this way

Emotion is reaction
You control
How you react
Take action

Be at peace

Comes from expectation

Quiet your mind

There is no justice
Or injustice

There is only breathing


Are in control

Single Thought #12 – Fireworks

Fireworks, 4th of July

I love my country just like you –
But I want you to know

That I hate blasted fireworks
And so I will not go

To stand out with a bunch of folks
Who’ll stare up at the skies

While loud explosions deafen them
And blind their burning eyes

I love my country just like you
Please don’t think me a jerk

What works for you does not for me
I don’t like firework

Depressing Street

Depressing Street

He played out on Depressing street
When he was just a boy;
The life that he was born to
Had a minimum of joy

Their hope had been abandoned
For a laboratory friend;
And every day, in violence
Someone’s stay came to an end

He lived in squalor, shabbily
And found that, as a teen
He’d lost his young ability
To flee by means of dream

He hung out on Depressing Street
With others of his fate;
And made the choices that he made
Until it was too late

Where Heroes Still Soar

Action Comics 17

I know a place, it’s a wonderful place
Where there’s always more room to explore –
Where lies are not told and all children are loved,
And venturesome heroes still soar

For dark grows the shadow where men have long lived,
Where all hope is ground into dust –
Then cold and abandoned, we wander astray,
And only look up when we must

But there is a place, it’s a wonderful place
Where the shadow is shamed by the light;
For there is a real place where heroes still soar
And people still honor what’s right

Morning, Morning

Daily Nightmare

Morning, morning on my brain
Listing out my daily tasks;
Frantic, hectic, and insane
Questions that nobody asks

Morning, why the weight of care?
Time is fleeting as the tide;
Night, I hope to see you there
Safely on the other side

Morning, morning, will it be
This way each and ever day?
Is this just my destiny?
The toll I must forever pay?

No Justice In This World

"Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner" -by  Edwin Landseer
“Old Shepherd’s Chief Mourner” -by Edwin Landseer

There is no justice in this world,
No karma’s here imbued;
There’s only a few fortunates
Who haven’t yet been screwed.

The wheel, it crushes everyone;
The foul, the fair, the fond:
I hold out no hope in this life
And so, I look beyond