Children sleeping in Mulberry Street (1890). Courtesy of Wikipedia.

In every land and time we know:

That there’ll be rich and poor,

That freedom and security
Will always be at war,

That people will be good and bad,

That they’ll be false and true,

That kids will break their parents’ hearts,

And have theirs broken, too

Why He Has An Ex-Wife

Looking Out

She told him, “Real men don’t get sick”
He said, “That’s ludicrous.”
She said, “You’d better get well quick.”
He shrugged, “That’s dubious.”

She told him, “I know you are fine.”
“And just how, may I ask?”
She said, “You’re too young to decline.”
Then he said, “Kiss my ass.

I didn’t ask to be like this
It’s not what I had planned –
It isn’t something I enjoy
It’s something I can’t stand.

I know for now, that all of this
Is what I must go through:
I’m sick because I am, and now
On top, I’m sick of you.”

That One Night

Couple after the rain

Funny thing about that night –
I had known her for so long
But somehow I’d never noticed
Just how wonderful she was

But then – everything was right;
We both felt a pull so strong –
A chance that was once remotest,
Now? More probable than cause

And that night we came together
Sunk back down then came again;
Twisting in the night like ivy
Tangled up like fishing wire

But we came and went like weather
Never got back what had been;
We had acted too unwisely
And been burned by one night’s fire

A Project We Worked On


Way back in the 80’s
I worked for D.O.D.,
And daily witnessed something
I no way could foresee

Would one day be all over.
I bet you’ll never guess:
 We worked on what would one day be
Known as the “G.P.S.”

Global – well, because it is,
Positioning – what it does;
Satellite – kind of makes it work
That’s all it is or was.

Just one project of many
Can’t say much more about it:
Here’s to the mighty G.P.S –
We’d all be lost without it