The Underlying Logic of Certain Popular Movements


I am so great, and live so well,
That I can pretty safely tell
All people how to live their lives,
And how the world should be.

Without the weight of irony,
Not burdened by humility,
I’ll tell you all, with certainty,
What you should get for free.

I know so much, so perfectly;
I understand life’s tragedy.
And without precedent, am wise –
So – just listen to me.

A Last Time For Everything

Last Time

There’s a last time for everything
But we don’t know just when

The day comes when we do a thing
We will not do again

We’ll eat somewhere that will not be
Around in times ahead

A person’s face one day we’ll see
The next, they might be dead

The last time at a family meal
The last at Mother’s Day

The last time that we ever feel
A certain special way

We know it’s true, and yet we won’t
Prepare against the blast

We just live blithely, for we don’t
Live each day as our last