It’s pretty amazing.

It hurts my head to think about
How much I love my grandson;
He’s very smart, and very strong,
And also rather handsome.

His face displays elation when
I pick him up to play;
He also tends to cry when it
Is time to go away.

To love your child is an ache
That there is no deflecting;
But this much love at my age
I was not at all expecting.

I Don’t Think, Therefore I Spam


Try to imagine the kind of man
Who works all day to send you spam.
I can’t. But let me plainly write:
“Don’t want more traffic to my site.”

I have not got a webmaster
Leave me with my own disaster
Let me run my site in peace
Go find someone else to fleece.

Ode to Ikea

In Sweden it gets very dark
Along with freezing weather;
So lots of time they have time to put
Their furniture together.

They send it out in boxes
Which come promptly to your door
So you can then assemble it
In sixteen days or more.

Their stuff is good – it’s very good –
But I do not agree
That furniture for daily life
Should be the death of me.

Morning, Noon and Night

Morning, she is soothing
Tranquility and grace
Doe’s eyes with a pensive gaze
Quiet voice and sudden smile
Keen mind in pursuit of solitude
Tired, intelligent and placid

Noon, she is curious
Active and bright
Absorbed in detail, but lost in reality
Ambitious and Honest
Competitive and Loving
Upright, smart and soft

Night, she is a fire
Passion and fortitude
Eyes laughing or blazing with anger
Caring completely, but hesitant to commit
Spirit generous but fallible
Sad, sharp, and faithful

Morning, Noon and Night
Peace, Joy and Love brought to an ashen life
As if the faces of the very stars
Turned empty darkness
Into a glistening city of the blessed