The Shadow Path

The cruelty we possess Ultimately possesses us The scorn we heap on others Finally weighs us down The shadow we would cast Blots out our own sun And so we go Blinded, weighed down, possessed Enfeebled Abandoned to Hell

Clymenenic Sacrifices

They hide their meaning with their words: Achieve academic success, Attain professional acclaim, Make a difference to the world. But when you learn for learning’s sake, Work at a profession in quiet dignity, Or make a difference “only” to your family and friends, You clearly disappoint them. They will not say it, But fame is … Continue reading "Clymenenic Sacrifices"

Societal v. Personal

“Nothing but greed,” the one side screams – “Nothing but envy,” the other screams back – So say adherents of the the great movements. Concerning these things – Greed and Envy – There is a constant clamor That dominates our times. But down here at my level, I don’t see much greed; And very little … Continue reading "Societal v. Personal"


We humans long for permanence in a world that is nothing but transitory We grieve for what we’ve lost, even when we knew we would have it for but a day We mourn the loss of our friends, our family, our youth, our home, our town, our country, knowing from an early age that none … Continue reading "Vanishing"

Morning Inaniloquence

It isn’t so spectacular To love all things jentacular And still I xenobombulate Until I end up quite farctate. `

Three Words Day

He asked her. She said “Yes, I will” And that day, started down a path The doctor told her “It’s a girl” The greatest love she’d ever have Her husband said, “I’ve met someone” And then he up and moved away Her grown girl went abroad for good “I love you,” — all that she … Continue reading "Three Words Day"


Wendell, wander while you can Where the windy highway wends Find a road you’ve never seen, and Follow, till your journey ends. Wendell, why this noisome toil, Wearing down your weary brow? Seek no more your heart to spoil, and Fly, while time will still allow. Wendell, there’s no going back What remains is still ahead; … Continue reading "Wendell"


He made time for his children (and extra time) but found other fathers better loved who were never there at all. So he saw that time is indeed like money: the more of it that's printed, the more devalued it becomes.