Ready Steak Go

Girl at the counter going fast like a stock car says¬†this is her second job and she’s been working 12 hours now with¬†3 more to go:

Dishes slamming, phones ringing, rain falling outside:

And the woman in the back laughs, throwing her head back while we all crane to see what might be that funny:

Two truckers next to me are eating in a thoroughly workmanlike manner:

Old couple on a date sit in a booth across from each other but with one foot touching:

And I take the general clamor in:

And kind of like it

Grandfather’s Poem

Sometimes, you’re sorry for what you wrote
Sometimes, you’re sorry for what you said
There’s days you wish had never come
And you were still asleep, in bed

Some nights are endless spiraling
Some weeks drag on to months and years
Sometimes, you rue the man you are
And run slam out of tricks
And tears

Clothes Minded

I would call me nondescript
Certainly not buff or ripped
I use clothes to hide the fact
And to keep my pride intact

I wear suits on many days
Though I am in such a haze
I might wear them to the beach
Which I think’s a clothing breach

Changing clothes confuses me
Where to wear what outerwear
And confused I’ll no doubt be
As I travel here and there

I will gather, when I can,
How to dress for work v play;
They say clothes can make the man
Into what
They do not

= = = = =

The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

Meta Physics

They said the ladder pushes on the wall.
I said that it does nothing, ’cause it’s stupid.
So the first day of Physics, my downfall;
As, with inertia, my mind firmly rooted,

I would insist that ladders have no force.
And so I barely passed my Physics course:
I could not just accept what I had read,
But argued on with diagrams


= = = = =

Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!