What’s Wealth To You?

A pizza of his own.


A friend of my son’s
Still remembers this house
Because I ordered them pizza
When he spent the night here
And I ordered him one of his own

He’d never had a pizza of his own before
And hasn’t had many, since

He’s grown up now
But that is still
His idea
Of real wealth

And it kind of makes me ashamed
Of some of the things
I’ve attached importance to

Modern Supplement to Zeno’s Paradoxes

I think this pretty much proves it.


The truth about my somnolence
A secret I’ve been keeping:
When I wake up I’m still asleep
And hence, I’m always sleeping

For everyone knows this is true:
One is asleep till they’re awake –
So if I wake up still asleep
And never rouse, and that’s no fake

Testing Day in 2nd Grade

Being labeled “gifted” seems more like a punishment.


I was called out of my second grade class
And given a rather long test
Designed to prove that, with no shadow of doubt,
I was an egregious pest

The Doctor who gave it was Dr McGee
And he was a scary old coot:
He had but one eye, and it always was red
And he smelled like mothballs, to boot

He asked me some questions which I found quite strange
Like “Was it wrong to steal, or get caught?”
I told him that since I was seven years old
I’d not gave the matter much thought

He asked me a whole lot of things about Mom
He asked me a few about Dad
So I asked him about his parents, which seemed
To make him a little bit mad

I went back to class rather dazed and confused
My whole nice routine had been shifted
And it had turned out the worst way that it could
I had been told I was gifted

The stigma of gifts – it has followed me since
Through sunshine or rains quite torrential
For “gifted” is just another way to say
Someone who’s wasted great potential

The Lie That Sinketh In

[I would apologize to Francis Bacon for using his quote this way, but he was kind of a jerk. – Owen]

You want lies?
For I have many –
Some, I’ve not yet
Used at all –

Or is it
The truth you’re seeking?
Truth, that gray and
Solemn pall

That will cover
All that matters;
Shielding you from
Happiness —

Truth is,
I am just a liar:
Nothing more and
Nothing less

“It is not the lie that passeth through the mind, but the lie that sinketh in and settleth in it, that doth the hurt.” – Francis Bacon, “Essays, Civil and Moral”

Ride, Ride

Bicycle riding as a child.

Bike Riding Joy

And then, as easy as you like
I’d go outside and grab my bike
And travel off to parts well-known
Where I’d be free and be alone

To ride far from the garrulous
Not worried if it’s perilous
To travel hands-free and in style
And be my own boss, for a while

Middle School Observation #3 – Success

What I Am

What I am
Is indeed what I am
But it is not everything I will be

There is more to me than you see
More to me than anyone here knows

I will break out
I will succeed
I will be loved and I will love

This place is like a prison

But I am unlimited
I will
Be free

And my freedom

Will make the world smile