… walls as my companions.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”

I’ve lived beside the ocean, and
By rivers, hills, and canyons:
But these I have but rarely seen
With walls as my companions

I’ve moved from state to state
From town to town, from place to place;
And searched through each geography
To find a state of grace

The only things that line my walls
Are bookshelves and one painting
Of my young sons; who look quite sad
I’ve loved it’s lack of feigning

For that was not a happy day
When we had those pics posed;
The baby one was screaming and
The elder, ill-disposed

Within the walls of that strange place
To try to fake a smile;
Which they just could not manage, though
We stayed there quite a while

Of course, they’re both grown up now
And each goes about life’s fight:
Within the walls of their own lives
That long have blocked
The light

Blamer’s Game

Failure is a blamer’s game.

Failure is a blamer’s game
Those seem to be the rules;

For no misfortune’s our own fault
It is those other fools

Or evil corporate interests, or
Some caitiff, queen, or czar:

Yes, blame’s an icy balm:
It keeps us frozen
Where we are


“Do not be afraid…”

Do not be afraid

I heard him tell me

Fear is not conversant in these things –


You might be delayed —

That’s as it shall be —

All the balm won’t take away the stings –


You must be aware

I heard him saying

Most life’s gifts are things we can’t control –


But, do not despair —

And don’t go straying —

There’s a diamond there




A Hardy Boy

He thought…

He thought that wrong was always wrong
Even if hid away

He said that heroes always win
And work hard for their pay

He thought of justice first, and not
Belonging to some faction

He looked at crime as villainy
Calling us each to action

He viewed cruelty as something
To abhor, and not enjoy

He might have been a better man
When he was still
A boy