Books: Don Quixote

It is wisdom beyond our wisdom To realize that the pathetic and laughable Can have a nobility Beyond any the great and powerful Can ever attain

Books: The Life of Reason

Any book so widely quoted Should probably be more read For those who do not remember to read things themselves Are condemned to misunderstand what was being said

My Apology

If I was on trial for just being me I do not think it would go well: I’ve always been me from what all I can see And will be, from what I can tell. I tried to be someone else once, to find out If this could work out as a plus: But found … Continue reading "My Apology"

Missing The Point

The world is full of stress, I think It’s full of stress I say And signs and marvels go unseen With each new maddening day And eyes turn inward, blund’ring and Aspriring ever higher As futile hearts go wond’ring and Ignore the sacred fire

My Acceptance Speech

I would like to thank the members of the Academy I say, “I would like to,” but None of them voted for me I would like thank my choreographer Who would have known that “Judgment at Nuremburg” Could be made into an interpretive dance I would like to thank my parents Without their support I … Continue reading "My Acceptance Speech"

Further to Last Night

FURTHER TO LAST NIGHT I didn’t mean that student’s lives And loves are naught but farces; Just that they have the drama Without having catharsis.

Love is Magic

Love is magic, magic love Makes a weary heart do backflips Brings down wonder from above Greater than an a solar eclipse Softer than a nestling dove Love is magic, magic love Love will set your heart ablaze Bring you out of darkest midnight Into better brighter days Down the path of loving insight Stars … Continue reading "Love is Magic"