Today’s the Big Day

TODAY’S THE BIG DAY We celebrate your birthday As we have always done; With gifts that you have asked for And going someplace fun. With lively family teasing That marks your brand new year – And it will be the same today, Except that you’re not here.

Just A Thought On A Commercial

JUST A THOUGHT ON A COMMERCIAL “Smart” – the ability to better do what we want to do “Wise” – the ability to better want what we should want We don’t need a smarter planet We need a wiser one

Dear Activist

Dear Activist, Won’t keep you long — I know you’re rather eager — So: ever think you might be wrong? Sincerely, Serv Beleaguer

Finding The Truth

FINDING THE TRUTH The truth is never a small thing Although you might think it was As rarely as people are able To locate it

Depression Takes Over

Its a dull coat of gray Applied straight to your eyes That makes every display Just more gray in disguise You can’t think your way out You can’t feel your way out You can’t “God,-this-whole-thing-can’t-be-real” your way out And your anger turns in As your prospect gives out And depression takes over your mind It’s … Continue reading "Depression Takes Over"

The Bloggers Paradigm

The old-time service station man Offered to pump my gas I checked the price and told him, “Thanks, But I think that I’ll pass.” And as off he was puttering I swear I heard him muttering “Bloggers, their unswerving In insisting on Self-Serving.”

The Chair

THE CHAIR I didn’t use the chair So I stood Next to the window I didn’t break And the six story window I didn’t jump out of

The Bigot Tree

THE BIGOT TREE We all rail against bigotry But yet as far as I can see We do not strike it at its roots But merely offer substitutes