*** About NTFC ***


The title of this blog is taken from a line from the movie version of “Mansfield Park,” and was written by the writer-director Patricia Rozema (it is often falsely attributed to Jane Austen). In context: Fanny Price has just retracted her agreement, made the previous day, to marry Henry Crawford; he has left angrily. The dialogue is as follows:

Susan Price (looking at her sister): Are you certain?

Fanny Price: I have no talent for certainty, Susy.

In the movie, the heroine is cast in what is, to me, a very relatable position: she is trying to do what’s right, but isn’t certain what that is. Hence my use of the quote: I write about what seems right to me, given that I have very little capacity for knowing with a certainty what that might be in most cases.

I have kept a number of blogs over the years; most of that time I wrote standard prose essays. I switched to poetry when I discovered I liked working in a genre that allowed me to convey a single thought at a time. The poems here tend to be short, because I am usually trying to convey single thoughts: some by forms of my own devising (“444” or “Byr” or “Kotoba” or “Logune” or “547“), some are more popular traditional forms (“Haiku“, “Tanka“, and “Shadorma” are three, but there are many others.) I’ve also adapted some little-known forms (such as “Lunes“) which I feel a particular affinity to.

I also write free form poetry that ranges over almost all facets of humanity. I deal mostly with individualities: of person, of place, of time, of feeling. I also occasionally post fictionalized versions of conversations between my wife and me, in a series called “Sketches“.

I appreciate all of you who’ve taken time to read any of my work; and I hope you’ll return again.

— Owen “Beleaguered” Servant, a/k/a/ Sibelius Russell

22 thoughts on “*** About NTFC ***”

  1. An honor to have your follow, thus your eyes! I’m oh so captivated by your writing direction and your space. I love that you took the time to establish clarity for you blog title –plus, I learned something new today!
    Very, very exhilarating images as well.

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  2. Hi there! Looking forward to reading your poetry, as I’m not the greatest poet but I love words and love to see how others use them. The first few I’ve read were great. Following!

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  3. Love your about…want to know more of Byr, Kotoba, Logolune & Lunes…am also sort of inventor of new forms…am following you…can you pingback me with info all these forms of yours? Because I can’t find them in your blog even after after an extensive skimming of your blog…

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    1. Here are the links to pages with each form:
      https://notalentforcertainty.com/tag/short-forms-lunes/ (for “Lunes”)
      https://notalentforcertainty.com/tag/short-forms-logunes/ (I changed the name of the form to “Logunes”)
      https://notalentforcertainty.com/tag/short-forms-kotoba/ (for “Kotoba”, which I haven’t done that many of)
      https://notalentforcertainty.com/tag/short-forms-byrs/ (for “Byrs”)

      Somewhere in the poems, usually, I explain the rules of the form.

      Thank you for reading and taking time to comment.

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  4. Hey, nothing wrong with spontaneous poetry writing. your work is great. My older sister has epilepsy, and if you ever want to talk or connect let me know. I am certainly open to new ideas. We have been through like over 5 brain surgeries with her, and she is doing much better after this last one. Although it’s been hard to get her to that point- she’s only had a few siezures this year. which is much much better than a few a month or more. I will try to remember to post some info about the Neuropace RNS clinical trial for you- and some things I know we’ve had to brave or risk trying with her but were hard.

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