NEW: About N.T.F.C.

“Hark, his hands thy lyre explore!
  Bright-eyed Fancy hovering o’er
  Scatters from her pictur’d urn
  Thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.”

– From “The Progress of Poesy: A Pindaric Ode” by Thomas Grey

Writing poetry for free on the Internet is arguably among the most pointless things a person can do. At least I think so; but as the blog title indicates, I have “no talent for certainty”*, so, who knows. Maybe there is a point.

The fact that you are reading this would indicate there is a point. So we’ve established that much.

I know why I started writing poetry on this blog: I have always loved poetry. I love words, I love feelings, I love using words to tell stories and capture feelings. I love the rhythm and feel of words. So I started writing poetry to spend my spare time exploring words, feelings, stories, rhythm, and feel. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I (mostly) had writing them.

I also wanted to convey a single thought at a time, and poetry seemed ideal for that, as well.

Thanks for being here. – Owen “Beleaguered” Servant

[The phrase “no talent for certainty” is a quote from the movie Mansfield Park, and is from the writer-director Patricia Rozema. – Owen]

23 thoughts on “NEW: About N.T.F.C.”

  1. An honor to have your follow, thus your eyes! I’m oh so captivated by your writing direction and your space. I love that you took the time to establish clarity for you blog title –plus, I learned something new today!
    Very, very exhilarating images as well.

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  2. Hi there! Looking forward to reading your poetry, as I’m not the greatest poet but I love words and love to see how others use them. The first few I’ve read were great. Following!

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  3. Love your about…want to know more of Byr, Kotoba, Logolune & Lunes…am also sort of inventor of new forms…am following you…can you pingback me with info all these forms of yours? Because I can’t find them in your blog even after after an extensive skimming of your blog…

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    1. Here are the links to pages with each form: (for “Lunes”) (I changed the name of the form to “Logunes”) (for “Kotoba”, which I haven’t done that many of) (for “Byrs”)

      Somewhere in the poems, usually, I explain the rules of the form.

      Thank you for reading and taking time to comment.

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  4. Hey, nothing wrong with spontaneous poetry writing. your work is great. My older sister has epilepsy, and if you ever want to talk or connect let me know. I am certainly open to new ideas. We have been through like over 5 brain surgeries with her, and she is doing much better after this last one. Although it’s been hard to get her to that point- she’s only had a few siezures this year. which is much much better than a few a month or more. I will try to remember to post some info about the Neuropace RNS clinical trial for you- and some things I know we’ve had to brave or risk trying with her but were hard.

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