*** About NTFC ***


The title of this blog is taken from a line from the movie version of “Mansfield Park,” and was written by the writer-director Patricia Rozema (it is often falsely attributed to Jane Austen). In context: Fanny Price has just retracted her agreement, made the previous day, to marry Henry Crawford; he has left angrily. The dialogue is as follows:

Susan Price (looking at her sister): Are you certain?

Fanny Price: I have no talent for certainty, Susy.

In the movie, the heroine is cast in what is, to me, a very relatable position: she is trying to do what’s right, but isn’t certain what that is. Hence my use of the quote: I write about what seems right to me, given that I have very little capacity for knowing with a certainty what that might be in most cases.

I have kept a number of blogs over the years; most of that time I wrote standard prose essays. I switched to poetry when I discovered I liked working in a genre that allowed me to convey a single thought at a time. The poems here tend to be short, because I am usually trying to convey single thoughts: some by forms of my own devising (“444” or “Byr” or “Kotoba” or “Logune” or “547“), some are more popular traditional forms (“Haiku“, “Tanka“).  I’ve also adapted some little-known forms (such as “Lunes“) which I feel a particular affinity to.

I also write free form poetry that ranges over almost all facets of humanity. I deal mostly with individualities: of person, of place, of time, of feeling.

The current tag line (“Sketches of the architecture of life”) has some sort of meaning, but I have not as yet discerned it.

I appreciate all of you who’ve taken time to read any of my work; and I hope you’ll return again.

— Owen “Beleaguered” Servant, a/k/a/ Sibelius Russell

20 thoughts on “*** About NTFC ***”

  1. An honor to have your follow, thus your eyes! I’m oh so captivated by your writing direction and your space. I love that you took the time to establish clarity for you blog title –plus, I learned something new today!
    Very, very exhilarating images as well.

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  2. Hi there! Looking forward to reading your poetry, as I’m not the greatest poet but I love words and love to see how others use them. The first few I’ve read were great. Following!

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  3. Love your about…want to know more of Byr, Kotoba, Logolune & Lunes…am also sort of inventor of new forms…am following you…can you pingback me with info all these forms of yours? Because I can’t find them in your blog even after after an extensive skimming of your blog…

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    1. Here are the links to pages with each form:
      https://notalentforcertainty.com/tag/short-forms-lunes/ (for “Lunes”)
      https://notalentforcertainty.com/tag/short-forms-logunes/ (I changed the name of the form to “Logunes”)
      https://notalentforcertainty.com/tag/short-forms-kotoba/ (for “Kotoba”, which I haven’t done that many of)
      https://notalentforcertainty.com/tag/short-forms-byrs/ (for “Byrs”)

      Somewhere in the poems, usually, I explain the rules of the form.

      Thank you for reading and taking time to comment.

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  4. Hey, nothing wrong with spontaneous poetry writing. your work is great. My older sister has epilepsy, and if you ever want to talk or connect let me know. I am certainly open to new ideas. We have been through like over 5 brain surgeries with her, and she is doing much better after this last one. Although it’s been hard to get her to that point- she’s only had a few siezures this year. which is much much better than a few a month or more. I will try to remember to post some info about the Neuropace RNS clinical trial for you- and some things I know we’ve had to brave or risk trying with her but were hard.

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