Love, and nothing else

Every day, there's but one chance: 
There is love, and nothing else. 
We sing about it, we dance for it, 
We travel across the world to show it. 
We gather around cradles, full with it; 
We congregate in old churchyards, weighed down by it. 
We bring stories to life in service of it, 
We're born for it, live for it, 
Sometimes even die for it -- 
Every day, and everywhere, there are these one chances: 
Love, and nothing else gives us hope, 
Direction, and 
Love is the road, and the map of the road; 
The destination, and the journey. 
Knowledge becomes wisdom through love, 
And the sharing of wisdom only possible through love. 
When we do not know to care, 
We seldom care to know; 
Mortality is made bearable by love; 
And immortality possible 

Through it

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