we old ones

we old ones like to think that 
it is the world, not us, that changed, 
but both can be true. 

the young ones did not know the old world, but 
there was an older one still 
we did not know. 

when images were fewer and harder to find, 
it seems we loved them better; 
when music was scarce and scattered, 
we reveled in it more, we feel.
but is this right? 
there was a time, before our time, when 
the only images seen were those drawn and now 
in our physical presence; the only music was 
that we heard performed live. 

the older ones "of then" knew this. 
to them, we were the younger ones, 
the spoiled ones, the ignorant ones; 
not realizing the marvels we lived 
surrounded by.

now see this light upon the valley; 
now here this music on this hills --

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