My Grandkids

I recently turned sixty. 
I think that means, "I'm old." 
My grandkids often tell me, 
Although they have been told 
That it is 'rude' to say such things. 
But they will never grieve it --  
They tell me what they see, and I 
Can either take or leave it. 

The third one is afraid of dreams, 
The second one, of storms; 
The first one's kind of come to terms 
With where he is, re: norms -- 
And there's a fourth one, and a fifth 
That should be here, next month: 
I guess I wanted grandkids, 
And now, I have a bunch. 

And dreams, and storms, and norms are all 
Quite lethal -- things to fear -- 
And so, I rather sympathize, 
Because, beneath veneer 
Of youthful innocence, we find 
Emotion, thought, illusion -- 
In other words, our kids are
Everything that means 

They're human

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