There was that day, that hour,
 You can still recall it,
 When all of life's possibilities
 Washed over you like breeze on bare skin,
 And you felt more alive than
 You had ever felt, or thought you could feel;
 And you knew, suddenly, exactly what 'joy' is,
 A word you'd only heard in songs before,
 And never experienced, at least, not really.
 But that brief time, momentous as it was,
 Seems impossible to convey to others
 As any description of it seems
 Trivial, empty, and meaningless.
 There was a blue sky, and 
 Wind blowing the tree branches, and
 A bright autumn sun...

 But what makes anything meaningful
 Is not the thing, itself;
 It is our interaction with it,
 How it changes us, and 
 How sometimes change is unspeakably

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