another first love

 his name was alan, both were just fourteen
 when music by the pool and glowing nights
 turned into an prolixity of stars
 that spanned the galaxy of her emotions
 into regions she was sure that no one
 ever felt before --

 her name was velvet, he had never known
 a person quite so perfect, and she took
 a part of what his heart had been to own,
 unconsciously -- he gave it willingly --
 but all he knew was, he would climb the stars
 and bring her one, to simply see her smile --
   another first love, perfect and complete,
   unique, as each one is, and e'er will be:
   when feelings fill an ocean, and we float
   alive and loving the

 to be with friends and have her music
 working playing making fun
 to be up when the stars are out
 and not feel like the only one
 who's tired of the quarantining,
 laughing, splashing, humming --
 and feeling like she might just love
 the person she's


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