A Thousand Breezes

 A thousand breezes
  have I felt,
 And countless wishes
  have I made;
 We only get the
  cards we’re dealt,
 And lose them, as
  each one is played

 But here and now
  is purely fun,
 To slowly open
  and revive —
 A thousand breezes
  have I felt,
 And each one
  makes me feel

Autumn winds,
And hills of secrets;
All those years
We wasted —
Each passing rustle a dream
Distant like a cloud
I kissed you on a day like this,
And you kissed me. The sky was perfect,
Blue in its endeavor, and we were as
Tall as the trees, and almost as wise.
November stretched into infinity on that hill,
And our newly doomed love rode the latest
Of a thousand breezes that had passed that way

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