Not Entirely

So many Autumn tales are told
Of days among the forests gold;
I learned them, breathless, as a child
Dreaming of the woodlands wild

But when and how the earth became
Commotion, chaos, blood, and blame,
I couldn't say, but still confess
I miss that storied wilderness

For we are not entirely mad:
Comparing what we have, and had,
We can move forward, AND reset,
And find the best of both worlds


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6 Thoughts to “Not Entirely

  1. That is really great! I like the line about going back to dream about woodlands wild. Sometimes it is good to look at what we had in the past but we can get stuck and so must move forward despite our reservations.

      1. It really is, it is the unknown. We as humans have come to have so much control over so many things that now what we cannot control is painful!

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