31 thoughts on “Old Poem, Written Age 16

  1. Oh, man. You wrote this at sixteen?

    I’m pretty sure my sixteen-year-old self was limited to stuff like:

    Life is hard.
    Then we die.

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    1. I like yours… it captures the age better.

      I edit these pretty thoroughly when I reprint them, except for the occasional one I label “unedited”. Those read like English was maybe a third language for me.

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      1. LOL!

        Seriously, I’ll remember this “third language” comment and LOL for weeks to come. At least. Thanks. πŸ˜€


  2. Fabulous!! I love it! I love my old poems too. My daughter (14) just wrote a poem/song about her first romance/heartbreak. I told her, one day, honey, you will read or sing this and it will take you right back to this moment. Writing can mark the moments of our lives so we can revisit them. Thanks for sharing your moment!!

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