Counseling the Disconsolate

So, I talked to my house last night
‘Bout how all they’ve been feeling;
Since she left home, they’ve been a wreck
The whole place has been reeling

I asked the toaster if it missed
Its morning muffin mess;
I asked the shower if it craved
The soft smell of Caress

The bed sheets said they wished
That she had stayed them warm to keep;
The teapot said it missed the oolong
She’d put into steep

I counseled them each, one by one
Until I reached the last;
Two angels on a music box
I gave her in the past

They asked me why she had to go
“I’m sorry, Oh, I am —
She left because
She married someone
Who’s not worth
A damn.”


(“Counseling the Disconsolate” – 12-4-2014)

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