six modes and two paradigms

we move until the cold holds us in place; or else we disappear into the endless overhanging sky

= = = = =

when we wake to find ourselves abandoned, we tend to go back to sleep

= = = = =

i don’t understand, bumps are no more stationary than the rest of the log

= = = = =

in many ways, diffusing the light is worse than blocking it out

= = = = =

to reflect is an art form, to shine is more like respiration: we must do both, we rarely do either

= = = = =

what you were is always seen in what you are

= = = = =

floating can look like survival, even when it isn’t

= = = = =

what makes you memorable to others may not be anything you are all that proud of; but remember, no one can see through the shape of anyone else’s experience

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