Forest 1995

I had a chance at a job, and so,
We talked about it: leaving —
Her mom, and sisters, and her son’s dad nearby,
My parents just 10 miles away,
And her 7 months pregnant with our son.

We sat in the park on the bayou,
With a lunch she’d brought, and looked around
At the familiar scenery. She said,
“You need to go on this interview.
This is a chance to do something you’ve always wanted
To do. If you get the job, we’ll make it work.”

I did get the job. We didn’t make it work.
But I couldn’t know that then: I just sat
Looking out at the wind on the surface of the water,
Listening to it moving the trees.

The wind, that harbinger of change,
The water, timeless, rarely still,
The forest, reaching out to both,
But they each do just as they will.

The past: a mystery to solve,
The present: what has come to be —
The future: something we can’t know,
Familiar though, like


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