Aphoristic Macramé

We do not learn new things
For we cannot stand
To be a beginner

Only the shameless
Stay young

We are too often
Our own walls

To love others
One must love oneself
And vice-versa

The amount of
Dancing and singing
You do
Should not be determined
By how good you are at it

It is possible
You have yet to have
The best meal you’ll ever have

Joy is simple
Misery is complicated

We make up a lot of words
That really mean
Boredom or loneliness

We say that
Arrogance is a turn-off, and
Confidence is attractive
But we are attracted first
And make the attribution after
Often inaccurately

We cannot undo the mistakes we’ve made
But we can make new ones

It is easy to print lies
You just type them in
And hit “Enter”

Limits are like lawnmowers
They’re meant to be pushed

Learning is adapting to new things
So it is exactly like

7 thoughts on “Aphoristic Macramé

  1. Lessons can be learned everyday and I live my life not afraid to try new things. Failure is ok and it doesn’t scare me, I am glad you agree!

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