She Said…

She said…

It’s important to love people
Who have less than us,
And to quit hating people
Who have more.
We gain nothing by
Fighting greed with envy,
Or envy with greed.

Real love gives,
Fake love talks about it.

Inner beauty is more important
Than outer beauty.
It also costs less.

Some people are never happy
Unless they are miserable.
So they’re never happy.

Of course most people
Don’t understand what you and I
Do for fun.
It involves neither
Deafening noise nor crowds.

Empathy requires imagination.
So, read to your kids before
They become sociopaths.

90% of being a good father is showing up.
90% of being a good mother is not losing your mind.

Good manners are not about ritual,
They’re about respect.

People respond to gratitude like gold.
Probably because it’s rarer.

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