For Her —

Through golden lands I drove today
For mile on mile, field on field —
I stopped to watch the long grain sway:
An ample sort of yield —

And I remembered you and me
On our way up to Williamsburg:
We’d stop wherever, randomly,
Just as we felt the urge —

And I could see that afternoon,
The way you looked that golden day,
For we were on our honeymoon,
And cared not where we’d stop or stay,

For we were two, and two’s enough.
At least enough, for trips like that,
Where shine’s the thing, and not the scuff,
And being there is where it’s at.

But then I blinked again, and knew
That I was here, and you back home;
That we are tired now, and do
More things on plan, and less on roam,

But love, there’s one thing that I know:
That while I’m earth, and you are fire,
We still have places, yet, to go,
And you are, as you were,
My one

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