Love Selflessly

Love selflessly and you will pay the price
  of what it is to give and not receive –
  the heart of flame, returned with touch of ice;
  a soul encumbered, longing to believe;
  the joy that is, at once, a call to grieve
  within the emptiness of letting go —
    but love is worth it, worth it, even so.

Love selflessly, and time will halt its course
  and lay upon your mind the universe;
  at every turn to press with so much force
  that feels a maledictive sort of curse –
  a swirling mist the heart cannot disperse
  that magnifies what we’d least like to show —
    but love is worth it, worth it, even so.

There’ll be an ebb, of course, with every flow:
  but love is worth it, worth it, even so.

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10 Thoughts to “Love Selflessly

  1. Reblogged this on The Magic Moments of Watercolor and commented:
    and again more poetry with apologies to those who are following watercolor- but this is me. And, Oh, I spent yesterday happily doing a watercolor of my friend doing an oil painting of of the West Meadow, I’ll get that posted when i return from Boston. For now this poem by Owen Servant is a must share. i hope it strikes a cord with you.

  2. I used to believe that love was worth it.. but what if the person you love does not share in this idea of a selfless persuit. Discernment is needed.. a harsh lesson taught me this, for the man I was devout to, no matter what, turned out to be one who sought out love selfishly and when I believed that he would always be there for me like I was for him when he was going through hard and challenging times, when the tables were turned he fled without warning. Why? I’ve asked myself this all year since I last saw him.. and finally I understand.
    Everyone fights for love.. but, like my ex, he only fought to be loved.. and somehow in his mind he felt that my being vulnerable meant that I didn’t love him when in my mind, when I finally became vulnerable it was my way of showing him just how much I loved him. I do however believe that he is a rarity.. but I am much more guarded as a result.

      1. Certainly his actions contradicted his words.. and his words were so beautiful and meaningful that I trusted in the power of love to get us through anything that life threw at us.. so yes, cut me deep. I’m still learning how to take it as a lesson and grow in wisdom, this being what life is about isn’t it? I truly hope that others who can relate are made to be aware of this factor.. that real love is worth fighting for as long as both are fighting on the same side.

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