The Book of Reasons

There is a book of reasons where
The secrets are all kept;
I saw it last night, in a dream,
And my heart fairly leapt

To know there was an answer, and
It’s there for us to read,
To understand the emptiness,
The hunger, and the need —

But blurriness was on the page
And I could barely see
Or understand the writing that
Was there in front of me

For life may have its purposes
We know, behind our fears —
But with the book of reasons, we
Must first see past

The tears

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One thought to “The Book of Reasons”

  1. Outstanding work! I have shared this with my wife and emailed it to her along with Firebird.
    Very well worded Owen. Go with the flow. Life is short, no matter how long we live on this earth so enjoy the journey👍👍

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