Sketches – 61

You really enjoy the sun, don’t you?

Does it look like I’m enjoying the sun?

Yes, rather

It is an absolutely gorgeous day,
You have to admit

It is and I do, indeed.
So what’s on tap for you
The rest of the day?

I have three commissions now.

I only know about two…

Yes, I got
One in over last weekend.
You and I just
Haven’t had a chance to talk

What’s the nature of
The latest one?

No subject or parameters,
OTHER than it be large

What’s the largest you’ve done?
Was it “Savannah”?

No, it was one called “Entropy”.
That’s from before…

I forget there was a before.
There really shouldn’t be, you know

No time should have existed
Before you?


Didn’t you have a before?

Yeah, but, technically,
It wasn’t before me

But it was before me.
Are you saying
You should be more important to me
Than I am to you?

This conversation
Has landed in a bad spot.
Wow, the sun feels good.
How large does this new commission
Need to be?

Eight feet wide.
Can be any height

Ideas about subject?

Yes, I am doing
A junkyard that’s nothing
But former fad or trendy things

That sounds fantastic.
I love that idea

Yes, well.
Even though I just mysteriously
Popped into existence when I met you,
I have the occasional good idea

I’m not living this down,
Am I?

You’re lucky it’s such a nice day.
I’m in a really good mood.
What are you up to after this?

Just headed back to work.
Everyone’s coming in today

Time home?

Not too late, 6 or 6:30 at the latest

I may try and paint outdoors.
This is too good to waste.
When will your project be done?

End of the month.
If we’re lucky.
Of course, I am lucky

Digging yourself out of the hole.
Good use of time

Hey, I didn’t just
Pop into existence yesterday

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