Alabama – 9 (of 10)

(Part 9)

Over the years, I’ve told
Many Alabama stories on this blog.
Of theatrical performances,
Of near-loves, and mis-loves, and camping trips;
Of drives in the country, and trips to the city;
Of memories, and other people’s lives.
Through them, I want to show
The unity of experience people have.

For many of us, images and stories
Determine what we think we know about a place,
And its people,
Whether another city, or state,
Or country,
Or even a place like prison.
We do not realize, sometimes,
That what we feel comes from other, often
Long-ago stories,
And that no one recounting is the story,
The only one we need to understand a place,
A person, or an era.

We all seek (and I understand this only too well)
Simplicity: but we should not let that desire
Hide reality from us, for happiness, while simple,
Is only one aspect of a life.
Virtually all others are complicated.

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