Sketches – 49

I need some advice

Sure, babe. What’s up?

Well, except for Brazil, my World Cup bracket is totally screwed… I have seven days worth of work to get done in the next four days at the office… I’m exercising every day, but I’ve put on seven more pounds… I want to leave reviews on Amazon for some books I’ve read, but I don’t really know how to write a book review… It’s been so freaking hot this summer, I can’t ever seem to get comfortable at night, so I’m, sleeping bad even for me…

And you want advice?

Um… yes.

Okay, in reverse order: run cool (not cold) water at the end of your shower at night until you stop sweating… don’t try to win a Pulitzer for your book review, just pick the right number of stars and see how few words you can use to say how the book makes you feel… quit eating between meals… line things up at work on a list, by priority, then knock them down, one-by-one… and France seems like they might make it to the finals

That’s… pretty good advice, actually.
I think I’ll take it.
So what are you up to today?

Catching up on emails and messages, right now.
Then celebrating the day, preferably
By not having to take my mom back to the dentist

Would they even be open today?

Probably not.
Good point.
I can cross that worry off my list

Well, I’m outta here.
I’ll see you tonight.
Thanks for the advice, love

I love that you ask for my advice.
I love even more that actually take it.

Well it is free.

Most people hate free advice

When it is unsolicited, yes
But I solicited you.
That doesn’t sound right

Actually, it kind of does


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