Parvez, sitting in the park,
A conversation ranges wide;
I ask him questions, wondering.
Here’s some of what he said —

“Give your money and your blood,
But do not justify yourself;
For your family has no need,
And enemies will not believe.”

“Many come to celebrate,
But few will stay to clean.”

“Arrogance and conceit are like weeds
That grow on dunghills.”

“Age survives only because
Youth dies.”

“Write your insults on the sand;
Carve compliments in stone.”

“Of three things there is no end:
Sand in the desert,
Tears in the night,
And friends when you are prospering.”

“Luck is another word
For ignorance,
And most of us
Are very lucky, I think.”

“Behind each thing you speak
Are one hundred things you think
But never say.”

“When the wind blows hardest,
Ride it.”

“If you can make her safer,
She will make you better.”

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