She and he were friends, and never had been more
Her latest boyfriend thing had fizzled out
He called one Thursday just to pass the time
When she invited him to come for dinner

And so, that Friday, he stood at her door
The smell of stir-fry wafting all around
A bottle of Wild Turkey in his hand
And thinking she looked better than he’d ever seen her

The food was fabulous – they ate and ate –
And drank the bourbon straight and on the rocks
And talked about their crazy weeks at work
And finished up with brownies, freshly baked

And sat down on the couch to watch a film
They both think now had Rachel McAdams in it
But wasn’t one of the famous ones you know
And really doesn’t matter anyway

And they began to kiss and in a flash
She was sitting forward on his lap
They rolled around upon the sofa there
And, sans their clothes, made it back to her bed

And caution was abandoned in the night
And both devoted to each other’s pleasure
With no restraint, they doubled up with joy
The faint remembrance of, is still around

And on and on they went, and they did things
They’d never done before with anyone
And few the minutes left before the dawn
When they were finally at peace, and done

The almost empty bottle on the table
Their clothes strewn everywhere across the floor
And she, full now with child so unsuspected
And he, just some dumb friend, and nothing more

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