Symbols change their meaning with
Shifts in common usage & understanding

For instance,
CAPITAL LETTERS: one hundred
Years ago, all caps probably meant
You were reading a telegram

Now it means either emphasis
Or shouting
Or you are a preliterate who can’t
Figure out the caps lock

Or, perhaps even
A POET looking for something
Visually arresting

(Besides, that is, the usual
array of swimsuit models he
Chooses as accompanying
Photos to his poetry)

Speaking of poetry,
It is possible that this poem
Has an intrinsic meaning
Veiled by its very lack of

To wit:
That the author
Lost and devastated by the consequences
Of his own shortcomings
Real or perceived
Casts about wildly in an attempt
To avoid what’s really bothering him

But hey
Look at the picture…

Doesn’t she look beautiful?

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15 Thoughts to “Symbols

  1. (Recycled)-Of course she does; She’s ME on my anniversary 48 years ago. That is if you wrote this on 20161226 which it appears you didn’t. Anyway I identify with both poet and model and most of all with the sailboats in the distance.

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