The World Was Full of Ghosts Today

The world was full of ghosts today,
Although of my own making;
I took them with me for a drive,
A half-day’s undertaking

Out past the place our voices rang
That now just echoes hollow:
The first site of your sad despair,
A place I could not follow

Our dreams, they crumble into dust,
And with the wind, they scatter:
The love we give is everything,
But often, doesn’t matter

So much we do discomforts us,
In wellness, or in illness —
For life is motion, all the time,
Though we might gather stillness

This place – I was a different man –
So much I hoped to do;
I focused all I had to give
On what I gave to you

But none of that now signifies.
I turn to take my leave;
I cannot fix what’s broken, nor
Have I the strength to grieve

I drive the country, ghosts in tow,
And bedlam in my head;
The sun is sinking, very low,
And how I long for bed —

I daily just distract myself
So I won’t go back there:
I understand the haunted looks
The aging often wear

For loss is just inherent in
Love’s final definition:
Those first few moments midwifed, or
The last with a mortician

And I feel myself setting,
Just the same way as the sun —
The world is full of ghosts tonight,
And I should know —

I’m one

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