Classroom Art

I love the arts that have no name,
Like teacher’s decorations:
Their creativity and joy
And all the endless patience

That goes into the worlds they make
Within their classroom walls —
The color and the order, and
The winters, springs, and falls

That come into crepe paper life
To reach out to young hearts.
For teaching can be drudgery
At least at times, in parts,

But still, there is much art in this.
With number, and with letter,
Comes love of colors, learning, and
Of making kids’ lives

4 thoughts on “Classroom Art

  1. Amen! Great observation. (And for those who can’t/daren’t teach, children’s librarianing comes incredibly close to unique arting!) I’m in awe of them all!

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  2. a colorful and brighter environment invites cheerfulness; yet even better is the classroom with perhaps a little less order, more chaos and creativity, that highlights and displays work of the children’s very own. Which ever way the classroom goes it can express a deep love for the kids. -Nice poem

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