The Flower

At four AM, he’s at the gym.
Got muscles on his muscles –
He rakes in money at his job,
Because he always hustles

But when she’s there, he loses it,
For she is in control:
And all the things he traffics in,
He trades in – with his soul –

For power comes in many forms,
And some don’t look like power:
And sometimes venom hits the heart
When we inhale
The flower

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4 Thoughts to “The Flower

      1. Of course. Sexual power is a strange thing in relationships, though. It’s difficult to say why it works like it sometimes does.

      2. Sometimes it happens by accident, because one person is just more into the other one. It does happen both ways, I know.

        I was imagining here a man (and I know a few) who has what the outside world considers “power”, but not in his (current) love life.

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