The Great Experiment

He watched her, reading, in a chair,
And wanted to approach her,
He summoned up his courage, then
Walked up and said, “Hello.”

She looked up with a smile, and he
Felt like his legs were shaking,
He said his name, and she said hers.
Then after just a bit

He said he’d noticed her before,
And like to know her better,
And maybe they could go to lunch,
If she was so inclined

And she said, “Yes, that would be fine.”
And so they traded numbers,
Each full now of uncertainty
Of what the other meant

But still, the great experiment
Is going on around us,
The ways two people meet to see
If there is something more

I know these two, I watched it all:
And like all other science,
Sometimes there’s that one time, when we
Find everything
At once

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